White Chiffon Hibiscus – Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Syriacus) – BRWH-0127




Type: Deciduous (Hardy Hibiscus)
Lighting: Full Sun/Partial Shade (recommend humidity tray)

Age Specifications
• ≈ 15+ years
• Started 2007
• Acquired August 2022

Tree Specifications
• 16” Tall
• 16” Across (left to right)
• 12” Depth (front to back)
• 3.5” Trunk (circumference)
• 3” Root Base (left to right)

Pot Specifications
• Light Sage Green Glazed Clay Pot – Oval
• 11” Length
• 9″ Width
• 3.5” Height
• Last Repotted: February 2023 with Peter Tea Bonsai

Rose of Sharon is a rapidly growing, large, deciduous shrub or tree in the Malvaceae (mallow) family and native to south China and Taiwan. Upright, occasionally spreading shrub or small tree with multiple trunks. The branches grow upright, and the leaves emerge late in the spring. Leaves are medium to dark green in summer with yellow fall color. The bark is light brown and thin, and the wood itself is weak. The trumpet-shaped flowers are 2-4″ across in color. The blooms on this tree are big, beautiful, white flowers.

It grows best in moist, well-drained soils but is tolerant of all except extremely wet or dry soils. It prefers hot weather. Spring pruning will encourage flowers to new growth and will increase flower size. Hardy, keep outdoors.

The Rose of Sharon is the national flower of South Korea and is mentioned in its national anthem. It is an object of deep affection in South Korea and has been an important symbol of Korean culture for centuries. Meaning “eternal blossom that never fades.”

Available for local pick-up (contact for personal delivery option).

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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