Shimpaku Juniper – (Cascade) – BRSJ-0117




Type: Conifer
Lighting: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Age Specifications
• ≈ 15+ years
• Started 2006
• Acquired August 2022

Tree Specifications
• 13” Tall
• 21.5” Cascade (top to bottom)
• 17” Across (left to right)
• 14” Depth (front to back)
• 4” Trunk (circumference)
• 2.5” Root Base (left to right)

Pot Specifications
• Clay Pot – Deep Square (Rare Tokoname Pot from mid-1970s)
• 7” Length
• 7″ Width
• 9.25” Height
• Last Repotted: January 2023 with Peter Tea Bonsai

Shimpaku Junipers are one of the most popular species for bonsai. Attractive foliage and beautiful bark make this one of the top candidates for bonsai. Many wild trees have been collected in Japan, making it extremely rare to find them growing wild. In fact, the Shimpaku junipers growing in the wild in Japan face extinction due to over-collecting.

Native to Japan, Shimpaku Junipers prefer rocky, well-drained soils. In its natural environment, it is most often found growing near the ocean. The foliage is needle-like on young trees and scale-like on older trees. The fruit is a small, hard, bluish berry. One of the best characteristics of Shimpaku is its hard resinous wood; ideal for advanced sculptural techniques such as jin, shari, and sabamiki.

The Shimpaku Juniper does best outside. It needs plenty of natural sunshine and temperature changes associated with the seasons. Keep outside, it can tolerate just about any condition. Make sure it gets afternoon shade in the summer.

Available for local pick-up (contact for personal delivery option).

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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