Persimmon (Diospyros Kaki) – BRPP-0122




Type: Deciduous
Lighting: Full Sun and/or partial shade

Age Specifications
• ≈ 20+ years
• Started 2001
• Acquired August 2022

Tree Specifications
• 25” Tall
• 19” Across (left to right)
• 11” Depth (front to back)
• 13.5” Trunk (circumference)
• 4.5” Root Base (left to right)

Pot Specifications
• Deep Maroon Glazed Clay Pot – Round
• 12” Length
• 9.5″ Width
• 4.75” Height
• Last Repotted: February 2023 with Peter Tea Bonsai

Persimmons’ origins come from the mountains of China and secondarily Japan. They are deciduous trees, and the leaves turn dramatic colors in the autumn. They have small leaves and produce 1″ orange-red oval-shaped fruit. The foliage that attaches to the fruit looks like the foliage attached to a tomato plant. The bright orange fruit will remain on the tree after the leaves fall creating a beautiful specimen for photography. The bark of a persimmon tree is deeply fissured with distinct rectangles

Persimmons require regular watering and close attention to root moisture. Because it has both flowers and fruits, you may need to adjust its fertilizer program throughout the year as its needs change. Persimmons require cool winter temperatures between 33F-45F.

Persimmons need a lot of water and not too much sun to grow well. With too little water, persimmons will drop flower buds and immature fruit. With too much sun, leaves will burn (black spots on the leaves) and fall off early, leaving the fruit unprotected. Some will be sunburned (black shoulders). Plants need extra iron, particularly if they have not been repotted in a while, to handle full sun.

Available for local pick-up (contact for personal delivery option).

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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