Japanese White Pine : BRBB-0115




Japanese White Pine (Pinus Pariflora): BRBB-0115


Type:  Conifer

Lighting:  Full Sun / will tolerate moderate shade

Age Specifications

  • ≈ 25+ years
  • Imported from Japan 2021
  • Acquired October 2022

Tree Specifications

  • 12” Tall
  • 16” Across (left to right)
  • 8.5” Depth (front to back)
  • 6.5” Trunk (circumference)
  • 3.5” Root Base (left to right)

Pot Specifications

  • Plastic Pot – Rectangle
  • 9.5” Length
  • 7″ Width
  • 3” Height


Japanese White Pines are also commonly called Five-Needle Pines.  Other names include Ulleungdo white pine, Goyo matsu and Hime Komatsu.  This conifer plant is native to Korea (Ullung island) and Japan, where it grows in mountain regions.


In Japan, Pinus parviflora is one of the most favorite species of pine, grown both as bonsai and ornamental garden trees. It has been cultivated in Japan and China for centuries.  This tree was grafted to a Japanese Black Pine under-stock.


Available for local pick-up (contact for personal delivery option).

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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