Boxwood : BRBW-0132


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Boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens):  BRRJ-0132

Type:  Evergreen

Lighting:  Lots of Indirect Light or Semi-Shade

Age Specifications

  • ≈ 80-90+ years
  • Started 1990
  • Acquired November 2022

Tree Specifications

  • 31” Tall
  • 24.5” Across (left to right)
  • 18” Depth (front to back)
  • 9.25” Trunk (circumference)
  • 7” Root Base (left to right)

Pot Specifications

  • Clay Pot – Oval
  • 18” Length
  • 14.5″ Width
  • 4.75” Height
  • Last Repotted: January 2023 with Peter Tea Bonsai

The American Boxwood is a broadly rounded, multi-branched, evergreen shrub or small tree in the Buxaceae (boxwood) family.  It is native to western and southern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa.

This Boxwood tree was dug out from the Old Brunner Estate in Auburn, California 30+ years ago.  Boxwoods are used in traditional landscaping designs all over the world. It often grows to a mature height of 10 to 15 feet, depending on the species and cultivar.

Hardy and mistake-resistant, this beginner-friendly tree is a ideal for bonsai enthusiasts new to the foray.

Available for local pick-up (contact for personal delivery option).


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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